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An instinct of Snowy

-Description : This work has made in the middle of winter whist shivering all my body. When I make it, actually I experiences its theme, hence I could bring lots of memories of "Snowy". Also I decribes a view above of a snowed forest. A bit yellowish white with colbalt blue shaows give natural smooth contrast, and green tea is used to express as frees. Since this work is bright, it is changed by the colour of lights, personally when it faces to the orange light sun, even it makes me remind my childhood memories.

- Size : 90 x 90 cm

- Date : January . 2015

- Materials : Acrylic, barely, coffee, cocoa, green tea and water paint on canvas

- Price : 420$ (370 + 50shipping) PERCHASE (PAYPAL)

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