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Sunset in Tunis

- Once I drew the night of sidi bou said, and presented to one of the famous gallery and they don't like it, because it does not look like "Tunisia."

Most of people expect, Tunis(or anywhere in Tunisia) should look like Tunisia.

Personally I am strongly against that narrow sight, what is "Looking like Tunisia"?

Cube-shaped White building got sunshine, with blue window, blue sky, flowers in the garden?

I will draw what I want, I mean, by my spontaneous unique feeling, not the expectations of typical opinions related to money only.

"Stagnant water is bound to rot."

Only when we try to change, there will be a movement which is essential in Art, not commercial art I mean.

- Size : 60 x 72 cm

- Date : Aug.2016

- Material : Acrylic on canvas - Price : 500$ (Including shipping) PURCHASE (PAYPAL)

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